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When you buy your domain name from us, you get 1 month of FREE webhosting at www.LonghornHosting.com (up to $11 value!). Please send a message from the support page to request your free month, and see the message below *.

Register your domain here for the low price of only $14.95/year. This price includes 1 month Free Hosting ($3.95/yr for domain after discount**), toll free phone support 24/7, and online domain management. For pre-sales support please contact us at our support page, and for post-sales support please call (877) 734-3667 with domain questions only.

If you plan to host your site with us, please use the following Name Servers. You will be asked for them during your registration process.


Register Your Domain Name:

Enter your preferred domain name in the box above (example: mydomain.com) and click search to see if it is available for registration. Registration starts as low as only *$14.95 per year!

Contact us for information regarding discounts before ordering multiple domains.

* Includes .com .net .org .biz .name and .info domains

Renew Your Domain Name:

Get 1 extra Month FREE hosting* when you renew your domain registration through us. If you do not renew your domain name before it expires, there is a good chance that you will lose it.

* Mention "renewal" as your referrer, or contact support.
Transfer Your Domain Names:

Please enter one or more domain names in the box below.


  1. Enter one domain per line.
  2. Enter only the domain name and not the URL of a web site.
  3. For example do not enter http://www.example.com
  4. Enter example.com instead.
  5. For .biz, .info, and .us domains you may optionally supply the registry password (or "auth Info") as provided by the current registrar of the domain. Simply enter the domain name followed by a colon ":" and then the registry password as in "example.info:a9D4cH5". One domain per line.

Transfer your domain name to our registrar and you will have one year of registration added onto your existing registration term for only *$14.95!

* Only  for .com .net .org and .info domains

Manage your Domain Account

Login to your account to make changes to your registration contact info, name servers, and more. Click Here to login to your account

*When ordering hosting service from Longhorn Hosting.com please you the links in the bottom right hand corner of the page to make your payment through paypal. If you need a payment link for a custom plan, please contact support.

**Domain Price is effectively reduced by amount of monthly hosting rate when a new hosting plan is purchased from LonghornHosting.com

Domain submissions that are successfully registered are non-refundable. You can register up to 10 years.

Our registrations are processed by Domain People Inc., an ICANN accredited registrar.
ICANN’s Registrant Rights and Responsibilities
ICANN’s Registrant Benefits and Responsibilities

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